Talent acquisition services are not just recruiting services

Divergence’s Talent Acquisition Service consists of :

Comprehensive, strategic planning that includes an examination of a company’s workforce plans

Skills, competencies, and experiences employees need for success

Managing and maintaining relationships with candidates who exhibit potential

Sound metrics and analytics designed to track and improve recruitment decisions.

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Take a Long Term,
Strategic Approach:

We take time and apply our expertise to look at the company in a comprehensive way, the available talent pools in the three main areas of Data Engineering, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, and identify areas where the hiring practices and results are inconsistent. We can then work to systematically align your company’s talent acquisition practices with the company’s brand, with immediate results and longer term.

Utilize Talent
Pool Contacts:

We maintain an extensive database of contacts that have the experience your company is looking for. Not only will you be able to jumpstart the process using their contact information, the talent acquisition services can include screening the potential candidates for suitability and interviewing them, so you will meet only the best candidates. These services alone will save your business valuable time and resources.

Assist in Selecting the Candidate
and Manage Candidate Relationships:

We use our talent acquisition services to help your company assess the candidates and assess, select, and hire the best candidate for the position. They will use cutting edge recruiting software, which keeps the process well-organized and generates important data for future use.

and Analytics:

Beyond assisting company’s in-house teams with talent acquisition efforts, we assist its leadership and management development programs, and other programs designed to enhance the experience of employees and future employees. Our talent acquisition services include a data-based approach to measuring the effectiveness of these programs. Where shortcomings are noted, we will recommend adjustments and implement them quickly.

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