Our name

Per Wikipedia, in vector calculus, divergence is a vector operator that measures the magnitude of a vector field’s source or sink at a given point, in terms of a signed scalar. More technically, the divergence represents the volume density of the outward flux of a vector field from an infinitesimal volume around a given point.

The common notation for the divergence is –

∇ · F

This is a convenient mnemonic, where

Del, or nabla, is an operator used in mathematics, in particular, in vector calculus, as a vector differential operator, usually represented by the nabla symbol ∇
The dot denotes an operation reminiscent of the dot product: take the components of ∇, apply them to the components of F, and sum the results. The name “dot product” is derived from the centered dot ” · ” that is often used to designate this operation.
The final component of the logo is a blackboard which represents learning. The academy provides the learning environment as a (dot product) – take the sum of knowledge available and applies them to the components of learning (classroom, people, supplies & tools, and freedoms of community and instruction) to provide the results.

Foresight, innovation and transformation: our effort to advance education and learning outcomes by devoting to deep learning to commercial problems through world-class instruction, industry-ready skills, and a vibrant community and network. As two words, Divergence Academy, it suggests our efforts to help individuals exploit science and technology for career pursuits. As a name, Divergence Academy, carries many positive connotations and can be and can be a strong metaphor for many aspects of our brand and business:

  • We seek to raise the bar for the quality of deep learning for commercial problems
  • We strive to accelerate positive change and improvement in our industry
  • We believe teamwork is critical to better results and outcomes

One of the first, and most important, ways that people will experience us as a new learning academy will be through our name and logo. These elements have been carefully crafted to represent our vision, aspirations and how we want to be seen by the world as we enter the next chapter in our journey as an organization.