Thinking differently

Become an Architect – Work much faster than today with augmented reality visualization and virtual reality headsets. Provide solutions that fit within the constraints of space, budget and aesthetic style.

Thinking bigger

Lead Machines – Computers can’t see the context, connection and patterns that humans can, despite crunching vast amounts of data at speed.

Social interaction

Advisor – Communication of advice and the contextualized understanding of the best course of action for a specific patient is best handled by humans. The role of the specialist human will be to mediate between the wonders of automation and the needs and desires of the patient or customer.

Skills such as cloud computing and data science management have never been more in demand than they are now. Tech companies across the nation are seeking qualified professionals who can bring this knowledge with them. Still, despite a clear need, there seem to be few viable solutions for the tech talent shortage. Divergence Academy represents a model solution that allows employers and aspiring professionals to benefit from expert-led training and upskill sourcing offered in conjunction with an innovative job placement program. Learn more about Divergence Academy to understand how we can help you meet your tech industry goals.

DFW’s First Data Science Academy

Upon its founding in 2014, Divergence Academy emerged as the first tech-focused program offering enrollment in data science education. Since then, the Divergence program has evolved into a full-fledged career placement program, offering graduates the opportunity to pursue positions with the academy’s partner organizations. The result is a talent pipeline benefitting both employers and aspiring tech professionals.

Graduates of our program enter the job market with competitive skills while partners of our program source from a pool of talented, diverse tech professionals. We offer an array of program options and partner employers so that learners are placed in positions suited to their skills.

Who Our Learners Are

Divergence Academy is notable for many reasons, including our diverse student population. Courses are held on weekends in order to accommodate working professionals, and our enrollees include a wide range of people, including the following:

  • Recently discharged veterans of the military
  • Professionals who are transitioning to a new career
  • Learners seeking to enter tech for the first time

No matter which of these categories you fall into — or if you fall into a different category altogether — you can become an accomplished tech professional by enrolling in a Divergence Academy program. We take pride in serving learners from a variety of professions and backgrounds.

What Programs We Offer

The programs we offer are just as varied as the learners we serve. At Divergence Academy, we want each of our graduates to be an expert in their field, so we offer a variety of different emphases for our program completion. Learners can select a certification that matches their specific career goals, or you may mix and match courses in many different tech disciplines, including the following:

  • Cybersecurity penetration
  • Data science immersion
  • Net+ Online
  • Cloud engineering immersion
  • Security operations management
  • Cloud computing
  • DevOps Engineering

These topics comprise our curriculum and offer enrollees the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects before committing to a career path or accepting a position. The result is a class of graduates with a well-rounded knowledge base, making them competitive candidates for jobs across the tech industry. No matter what kind of tech interests you, you can learn it at Divergence Academy.

Our Career Outcomes Program

Our comprehensive curriculum isn’t the only feature that sets us apart from others. One of the greatest benefits of enrolling at Divergence is the Career Outcomes program you will gain access to. We understand that searching for a job in a new field is intimidating, and we also understand that there is a massive shortage of talent plaguing tech companies. We’ve come up with a solution to connect our program graduates with open positions at our partner companies. This minimizes the stress of the job hunt for new tech professionals and helps employers reduce recruitment costs and turnover rates. Learn more about all the benefits Career and Placement Services provide to ensure successful career outcomes—whether that’s landing a new tech job, getting a promotion, or acquiring industry certifications.

A Unique Academy Experience

Divergence Academy is DFW’s top tech academy. We understand the needs of our learners as well as the needs of our employer partners, and we constantly strive to meet both. If you want to jumpstart your career in tech and find a position suited to your goals, Divergence Academy is the place to start. Our classes are taught by experts, and our convenient hybrid remote-live training model makes it easy to make tech education a natural extension of your day-to-day. Have a part-time or full-time job on weekdays? We’ve got you covered! Contact us for more information on course schedules, enrollment, and payment options.