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Our Data Science Immersive course covers all the necessary tools and concepts used by data practitioners in the industry, including machine learning, statistical inference, and working with data at scale. Students use SQL and NoSQL tools as they advance in the course to build richer predictive models. On graduation, they will have obtained a good grasp of practical, relevant, and up-to-date tools and techniques and will have built numerous data science applications.

Student Experience

Our comprehensive course is 210 hours in duration and can be completed in 10 weeks from Mon-Fri between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Expert-Led Instruction That Gets You Job-Ready: Become a true data practitioner. Gain fluency in the field and collaborate with leading professionals through lectures, research exercises, and real-world client projects.

Exclusive Access to Leaders in Data Science: Our course offers countless opportunities to learn and engage with data science professionals and technologists from around the world.

Gain a Valuable Professional Network: Transform and grow your career alongside peers (and potential collaborators) on campus and in our Connected Classroom. Discover all the different paths you can take with this in-demand knowledge and skill set from those who have walked the walk. The DA community is a priceless resource — just ask our alumni.


Modeling for Insights (A Well-Rounded Technical Foundation): Get hands-on training with the essentials of Structured Query Language, Analyzing and Visualizing data with Power BI, Power Query with Excel and Power BI.

Modeling for Prediction (Automation with Machine Learning): Data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning, and the Python programming language. Apply regression and classification techniques to power business forecasts and drive decision-making and strategy.

Scaling Analytics (Deploying Models into Production): Build high performance systems and pipelines with Spark in the cloud using Structured Query Language (SQL) and Python.

Certifications: Add industry leading certifications in Business Intelligence, Data science and Cloud to your resume.

Transform Raw Data into Actual Results: Learn to tackle business challenges with data science strategies and communicate your findings persuasively. Compile compelling stakeholder presentations and data visualizations as you collaborate with Cyber students or real-world clients.

Open Doors to High-Growth Career Paths: Equip yourself to succeed in a rapidly expanding sector with help from DA’s expert network of industry insiders. The data science tools and techniques taught in this program prepare graduates to take on roles as a data scientist, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, data visualization engineer, and more.

Real-World Projects: Solve challenges professional data scientists face, working individually and in teams.

Individualized Instructor Support: Get guidance, feedback, and more during scheduled one-on-one check-ins.

Alumni Network: Connect and collaborate with a diverse group of peers and experts.


Our instructors represent the brightest professionals from companies like John Deere, Signify Health, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon Web Services. They bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, providing invaluable insights into succeeding on the job.

Naveen Bannagani, Dallas, ‎Lead Data Science Instructor

Marcel Samuel, Dallas, Lead Data Science Immersive Instructor

Drew Minkin, Data Science Immersive Instructor

Logan Hillard, Data Science Immersive Instructor

Career Support

Strategy and Accountability: Our coaches work with you one-on-one to individualize your path to a new career. Stay on track and motivated from the first day of class!

Interview Preparation: Sharpen your ability to ace technical interviews and best communicate your data science and analytical skills. Showcase a portfolio of exploratory data analyses, including a capstone project, build a personal brand, and more.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Learn networking nuances, connect with hiring managers at exclusive DA-hosted events, and prepare to shine with mock interviews.


Dates of courses

05 Oct

10/05/2020 | Divergence Academy

10-week / 400-hour immersive program curriculum includes 3 modules with 3 courses each. Modules include Modeling for Insights, Modeling for Prediction, Scaling Analytics, Career and Capstone.

26 Oct

10/26/2020 | Divergence Academy

10-week / 400-hour immersive program curriculum includes 3 modules with 3 courses each. Modules include Modeling for Insights, Modeling for Prediction, Scaling Analytics, Career and Capstone.

30 Nov

11/30/2020 | Divergence Academy

10-week / 400-hour immersive program curriculum includes 3 modules with 3 courses each. Modules include Modeling for Insights, Modeling for Prediction, Scaling Analytics, Career and Capstone.

The Academy supports a full range of Financial Aid, Scholarship, Income Share Agreement, Education Loan and local Grant Programs for Data Science Immersive students. Follow the links below for details on each option

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Apply for grants with your local Workforce Solutions Office, that provide career services to underrepresented communities in tech.


Apply for a loan from one of our high-quality lender – Skills.Fund.
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So you want to be an ethical hacker, social engineer, data analyst, data scientist, or data visualizer? Maybe you've heard the cloud is where it's at, or you're an industry veteran that needs a skills refresh. Ask Google, do some research, search profiles on LinkedIn, and ask questions. Curiosity and a knack for research are essential skills for a technologist. Spend some time and bring your questions to the next step.

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A week before your program starts, our Community Manager will get you onboarded to the learning platform, walk you through TWC enrollment paperwork, and connect you with future classmates.

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Soft Skills.
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Divergence Academy follows a 16:1 student to teacher ratio. Classrooms are equipped with six foot training tables, swivel ergonomic chairs and computers for each student. Instructors have flexible desk for standing or sitting, big screen TVs to display, whiteboards and the same capabilities for remote delivery.

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