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The advent of the Internet of Things and the increasing dependence on digital technology have given rise to many security incidents in recent years. Data breaches, zero-day attacks, malware, ransomware, denial of service or DoS, phishing, and social engineering have progressed at near viral proportions. Cyber threats are outpacing the ability of cybersecurity to detect and prevent them. That’s where data science comes in.

Cybersecurity is dedicated to protecting networks, computers, software programs, and data using various technologies and processes. Data science provides techniques used in machine learning, such as data modeling, statistical analysis, predictions, anomaly detection, forecasts, and pattern finding. Cybersecurity data science is a scientific, data-focused approach to identifying threats through machine learning. Leveraging the systems and processes of data science increases the ability to extract security incident insight and patterns from cybersecurity data for faster detection and a more robust, effective defense.

Data Science Courses

Where cybersecurity takes action, data science provides the analysis and vision. Machine learning-powered by data science techniques helps with anomaly detection by quickly scanning huge amounts of code to look for differences that could indicate malicious code. Penetration testing is also improved using automation and adaptive learning to test firewalls against intrusion. Data science empowers cybersecurity with information, speed, and accuracy that far surpasses what it has been able to do to date.

Data science courses teach you the theory, tools, languages, and techniques widely used in the industry. Topics may include the following:

Careers in Data Science

Emerging technologies are revolutionizing the world, and the demand is reflected in the job market. Careers in data science have been growing, and the demand for educated candidates who have undergone rigorous data science courses has remained high over the last few years. Data scientists are not confined to the technology sector but are found in almost every industry. The various jobs are responsible for machine learning and automation, artificial intelligence, data, statistics, and other critical roles that enable them: Data Scientist

  1. Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Machine Learning Scientist
  3. Applications Architect
  4. Enterprise Architect
  5. Data Architect
  6. Infrastructure Architect
  7. Data Engineer
  8. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  9. Statistician

Cybersecurity Courses

A cybersecurity course curriculum is designed to give both a wide look at the field of cybersecurity and the threats that necessitate it and deeper practical experience on security and networking fundamentals. After completing your cybersecurity curriculum, you’ll understand network architecture, how to authenticate users, discretionary and mandatory access control, and many other enforcement techniques for a robust cybersecurity strategy.

Courses may include a variety of topics and projects such as:

Careers in Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity offers a variety of highly lucrative positions for those with the education and expertise to protect organizations from cyber attacks. The forecast for careers in cybersecurity is expected to rise dramatically. As more and more businesses become digital, there will be more demand for those who can protect their networks and data from threats. These experts will be responsible for detecting threats and vulnerabilities, mitigating risk through policies, procedures, hardware, and software to maintain security in positions such as:

  1. Chief Information Security Officer
  2. Security Architect, IT
  3. Security Manager, IT
  4. Security Assessor
  5. Security Engineer
  6. Information Security Consultant
  7. Security Director
  8. Penetration Tester
  9. Incident Manager
  10. Information Security Specialist

Data Science and Cybersecurity Courses From Divergence Academy

Data science courses and cybersecurity courses from Divergence Academy not only prepare you for a career in emerging technologies, but they come with unparalleled support and our invaluable job placement program. Contact us today to get started acquiring the skills for your new career in data science & cybersecurity.

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