Recruitment Partnerships for Employers

An info graphic about partnership opportunities for employers with Divergence Academy

Any tech employer can confirm that there is a massive shortage of tech professionals. Though about 5.2 million people work in the field, countless critical positions remain open due to a lack of qualified candidates.

Divergence Academy seeks to address this problem by bridging the gap between tech professionals and employers, ensuring that our graduates are connected with promising opportunities and our partner companies are supplied with highly skilled talent.

Whether you’re an aspiring tech professional searching for a new job or a company seeking to hire for new jobs, Divergence Academy can help you find a solution to your tech staffing needs.

What Is Divergence Academy?

Divergence Academy originated in 2014 as the first tech academy in DFW devoted to data science. Rather than focus exclusively on certification as the end goal, we shifted to strategize ways to help local tech employers fill their open positions — of which there were and are many! Since our founding, we’ve honed in on the skills employers value most to ensure that our graduates enter the job market with a competitive edge. This serves our program graduates and our company partners equally.

How Companies Benefit

If you’re an employer seeking to fill open tech positions, the benefits of a partnership are clear. We shorten the talent pipeline and help you fill the most critical positions far faster than your own recruitment efforts could accomplish. This is in addition to other benefits such as the following:

These benefits make a partnership with Divergence Academy a win-win situation. In addition to drawing from a pool of talented new hires, you can invest in retraining your own employees, too, to ensure that your staff stays on top of the game.

How Learners Benefit

If the benefit for companies is clear, the advantages for graduates are even clearer. Graduates of the Divergence Academy program can enjoy the confidence of knowing that they are competitive candidates in a desirable field. More importantly, they can benefit from an accelerated employment process that allows them to apply directly to positions with partners of Divergence. Our job placement program sets us apart from other academies and minimizes the stress associated with a drawn-out job hunt. Rather than wonder whether you’re applying for the right jobs, you can enjoy priority placement in a position with one of Divergence Academy’s partners.

Paying for a Cybersecurity Education

Funding your education at Divergence Academy is an investment in yourself and your career. Learners take courses in subjects such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. If you’re wondering how to fund your Divergence education, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many options available, including the following:

These options make Divergence Academy accessible to learners in a variety of situations. Our classes are also scheduled to allow learners to maintain employment during the week.

What to Expect From Divergence Academy

Learners and employers can expect the same from a partnership with Divergence Academy: excellence. Learners will enjoy engaging and challenging courses taught by experts, while employers will enjoy a talent pool of skilled and motivated tech professionals. Employers can initiate a partnership by applying for funding through the Texas Skills Development Fund. This allows your company to customize a training program and develop a curriculum suited to your specific needs.

Find the Tech Talent You Need

The shortage of tech talent isn’t likely to subside any time soon, but innovative solutions can help. Divergence Academy is dedicated to developing such solutions and serving employers and graduates in the process. Contact us to learn how we can help you find qualified staff and fill your team with the top tech talent. We take pride in serving DFW tech employers like you and your company.

Image Source: TierneyMJ / Shutterstock