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Cloud computing is one of the most radical changes that technology has experienced in the past decade. Growth in this sector has influenced sweeping changes in virtually every industry, including social media and how everyday people store and share personal files. Cloud information 101 can help future tech workers and current employees build the foundational knowledge they need to navigate cloud spaces safely.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a network of servers that provide a resting place for data, so people and businesses don’t need to store that data on physical devices. In some cases, it could also provide a backup for on-site data. Users can then access this information remotely.

Cloud computing refers to the process of running apps on these networks of servers instead of on physical devices. While this capability has existed since the dawn of the internet, it only became popular in the past few years.

Why Use Cloud Computing?

Companies all around the world have migrated to the cloud and are now investing in cloud information 101 training. Employers should prepare to mitigate the risks that come with these perks, and tech professionals need the knowledge and skills to help them do so. Here are some of the reasons cloud migration is worth it.

Remote Work

CNBC estimates that one in four Americans are working from home. Cloud computing is arguably the most important piece of technology that makes this possible. Remote work capability improves efficiency and agility for organizations, so they can hire the best workers from anywhere and still have effective global collaboration.

Data Analytics

Cloud computing software gathers aggregate data on workers and the organization as a whole. This provides managers with the real-time data they need to make informed decisions. Workers also have access to some analytics, which helps them better serve customers and manage their work.


Businesses often worry about online threats when migrating to the cloud, but cloud information 101 training can reduce the risks. An article from Salesforce reports that 94% of businesses experienced improved security after cloud migration. Additionally, 91% said cloud migration helped them better comply with government regulations.

Who Uses Cloud Computing?

Virtually everyone who owns a smart device uses cloud computing in one form or another. Very few of the processes we complete in the modern-day world actually take place on the devices we use. Here are some of the entities using cloud computing and how it affects their work processes:

What are the Types of Cloud Computing?

There are three main types of cloud computing used by people and organizations around the world. The most appropriate one depends on the entity’s needs and priorities.

Why Should You Choose Divergence Academy?

At Divergence Academy, we’re producing tech workers for the 21st century. Are you ready to kickstart your future career in tech or to provide employees with cloud information 101 training? Find out how to get started.

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