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Duration: 4 Days

Schedule: Custom

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Pricing: Custom

Course overview

Microservices Data Architecture

While microservices may use containerization, not every containerized application is a microservice. This is an important aspect to understand before we proceed to discuss best practices. Over the four-day course, attendees will learn the fundamentals of Microservices, building applications that scale including monitoring and deployment.


Module 1

Microservices Fundamentals

Module 2

Introducing Docker

Module 3

Getting Started with Docker

Module 4

Developing a Microservice

Module 5


Module 6

Docker Port Mapping

Module 7

Deployment Patterns

Module 8

Communication Patterns

Module 9

Service Discovery Patterns

Module 10

Data Management Patterns

Module 11

Docker Hub

Module 12

Integrating Multiple Microservices

Module 13

Microservices Security

Module 14

REST Interfaces to Microservices

Module 15

Other Interfaces to Microservices

Module 16

Asynchronous Requests

Module 17

Software Development Process

Module 18



SysAdmins and Developers who wish to develop and deploy Microservices.


  • Delegates should have some understanding of systems architecture and design.
  • Experience of administering Linux or Windows servers may also be useful.
  • Some basic editing of code will happen during the course, so experience with a language such as Bash, Java, C#, C++, Python, or Ruby would be advantageous.

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