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Duration: Mon-Fri (50 hours)

Schedule: 9:00am-7:00pm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Intro to Cassandra 3 for Developers

The Cassandra (C*) database is a massively scalable NoSQL database that provides high availability and fault tolerance, as well as linear scalability when adding new nodes to a cluster. It has many powerful capabilities, such as tunable and eventual consistency, that allow it to meet the needs of modern applications, but also introduce a new paradigm for data modeling that many organizations do not have the expertise to use in the best way.

This course provides an in-depth introduction to using Cassandra and creating good data models with Cassandra. It is technical and comprehensive, with a focus on the practical aspects of working with C*. It introduces all the important concepts needed to understand Cassandra, including enough coverage of internal architecture to make good decisions. It is hands-on, with labs that provide experience in all the important areas. It covers CQL (Cassandra Query Language) in depth, as well as covering the Java API for writing Cassandra clients.

After taking this course, you will have learned what you need to productively work with Cassandra as well as guidelines for using it in an optimal manner. You'll also understand some of the "anti-patterns" that lead to non-optimal C* data models. You'll be familiar with CQL and with the Java client library and be ready to work on production systems involving Cassandra.


Module 1

Breaking Up Monoliths – Pros and Cons

Module 2


Module 3

Microservices Architecture Defined

Module 4

Containerization Systems for Microservices

Module 5

Commonly Used Patterns

Module 6

API Management

Module 7

Designing and Implementing Microservices

Module 8

Microservices Integration

Module 9

Working with Data in Microservices

Module 10

Robust Microservices


  • Reasonable Java experience for the Java driver labs
  • Some knowledge of databases

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