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What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broad term that encompasses several techniques that allow machines to perform functions similar to human intelligence. AI replicates the same steps that humans take in processing information available to them, making a decision, and taking action. Artificial intelligence is the name for any process where a machine “thinks” for itself. One of the most notable examples is autonomous vehicles.

Types of AI

There are different subsets of artificial intelligence, and some are dependent on others. Two such examples are machine learning and neural networks. In machine learning, the device is not programmed but learns how to perform a task. Machine learning is dependent upon neural networks.

For machines to learn, they must have massive amounts of data to perform a task. Neural networks are the mathematical models that act on the data, so the machine knows what to do in response to the input, such as recognizing and interpreting speech. The structure of neural networks takes inspiration from the connection between neurons in the human brain. They work as interconnected algorithms to transmit the data and execute the tasks.

Narrow AI is what you’ve come to know with speech recognition software like voice to text, self-driving cars, or product recommendations based on past purchases, where the AI only learns very specific or narrow focus tasks. General AI is a more adaptable, humanlike intelligence that exists only in movies, like Skynet in The Terminator or HAL in 2001. Deep learning uses multiple layers of neural networks to process raw data. An example could be image processing, where one level identifies the outer bounds of the image while another discerns people or faces from objects.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

You likely experience AI every day without even knowing it. If you’ve ever used Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, you were benefiting from AI. Other applications include:

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Learning with Divergence Academy is more than simply taking courses. Our educational institution specializes in providing the skills needed for high-tech industries through adaptive learning solutions. What sets us apart is that you not only satisfy the requirements for certifications, but you get full support from the time you start AI 101 and throughout the AI courses. Once certified, our job placement services help you find your new job in AI.

Learning To Design AI

Learning to design AI gives you the expertise and ability to solve complex business problems using advanced technology, including neural networks, computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning tools. Our AI 101 course will set you on the path to your new career in AI, covering terms and concepts and exploring different use cases and applications. This course is designed to give you an overview of artificial intelligence and prepare you for other, more in-depth courses.

Topics may include such concepts as:

Careers in AI

As you’ll see after taking our AI 101 class, there is a world of opportunity once you are trained in Artificial Intelligence. According to Indeed, the top 10 positions in AI include:

Start Your Career in AI With Divergence Academy

The growth of IoT and Big Data has spurred a demand for AI. Once you begin our AI 101 course, you’ll understand how there are endless possibilities in this fast-growing field. Contact us today to change the trajectory of your career.

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